Service Awards


Service Awards must be configured for your scheme before you can use them. For assistance please contact support.

The Service Awards feature is designed to be used in both, financial and non-financial schemes. It allows Service Award payouts to be setup in the administration portal and automatically paid out on the required date.

How to setup service awards

Step 1 - Settings

  • Click Settings
  • On the left hand side menu click Service Awards
  • On the sub menu select Service Award Settings
  • Check and/or change the settings appropriately
  • Click Update Settings button to save any changes

Step 2 - Setup Awards

  • On the sub menu select Manage Awards
  • Click Add Service Award button
  • Enter a Start Date (this is when the award will apply from)
  • Optionally, enter a End Date (this is when the award will stop applying)
  • Select a Type from the drop down menu
  • For Long Service select the number of Years for this award
  • For Onboarding select the number of Weeks for this award
  • Click Select Message, select the one you want and click Select Message button
  • Click Select Badge, select the one you want and click :guilabel:`Select Badge Title’
  • Select the title you want and click Save Badge
  • In the reward section, select the :guilabel:`Reward Type’
  • Follow instructions depending on Reward Type selected
  • Click Add Service Award


Once setup, only the reward, end date, message and badge can be changed. You will not be able to change the Service Award type or start date.

Required Branding

Service Awards will be posted onto the wall and will display the company profile image within the wall entry. Please ensure you have setup a Company Profile Image in your scheme settings.

  • Click Settings
  • Click Branding
  • Click Website
  • In the Company Profile Image section select an image (must be 100px by 100px)
  • Click the Save button

How to view upcoming service awards

One you have created your employee accounts you will be able to view all upcoming Service Awards:

  • Click Modules
  • Click Service Award


By clicking the Manage button on any upcoming Service Award you will be able to view the Service Award history for that employee. Actions are generated within the Service Award history where awards have been declined or a perk selection period has expired.