Perk Catalogues

Perks can be used in the following:

  • Recognition
  • Service Awards

How to setup a perk catalogue


Perks must be configured for with Recognition or Service Awards before you can setup a catalogue. For assistance please contact support.

Step 1 - Select perks

  • Click Modules
  • Click Manage Perks
  • To add you own perk click Add Perk and follow the instructions
  • On the left hand side menu click Perk Templates
  • You will see a list of all the perks in our central catalogue. You can use them as they are or use them as a template and make any changes you need.
  • Find the perk you would like to add and click Copy
  • Click Confirm
  • The list will update and you will see the added perk now says Manage
  • To add additional perks repeat the same process


There is also an option to copy all of our perks into your scheme catalogue.

Step 2 - Review pending perks

  • Once you have added all your perks you must review them
  • On the left hand side menu click Perk Catalogue
  • You will now see a number of perks in the Pending section
  • Click Show/Hide next to the Pending section
  • Click Edit next to the first perk
  • If required, update the details (you can save the changes by clicking Update Perk and come back later if needed)
  • Change the Status drop down menu to Active
  • Click Update Perk
  • You should see the Manage Perks page with one perk showing in the Active section
  • Repeat the above process for the other perks in the Pending section

Using perks for Recognition

Before perks can be used for recognition you must enable them in settings:

  • Click Settings
  • On the left hand side menu click Recognition
  • In the sub menu click Perks
  • Change the Perk Catalogue drop down menu to Enabled
  • Change the other settings as needed
  • Click the Update button


If the Perks option is not available please contact support and ask for it to be enabled.

Using perks for Service Awards

If service awards has been setup for perks they will be available immediately.


If when you are adding a Service Award there is not a Perk Reward Type please contact support and ask for it to be enabled for Service Awards.