Expenses must be configured for your scheme before you can use them. For assistance please contact support.

Expenses allows budget holders to raise a recognition expense using their own reward budget.

How to setup expenses

Step 1 - Enable Expenses

  • Click Settings
  • On the left hand side menu select Recognition
  • On the sub menu select Expenses
  • You should see the Recognition Expenses Settings page
  • In the Expenses drop down menu select Enabled
  • Enter a Max Spend Value Per Person
  • Enter your expenses Terms and Conditions
  • Enter a Max Recognition Age
  • Enter a Approval Grace Period
  • Click the Update Settings button

Step 2 - Setup Expense Supplier Types

  • On the left hand side sub menu select Expense Supplier Types
  • Click the Add Expense Supplier Type button
  • Enter a Suppler Type (e.g. Flowers, Restaurant, etc.)
  • Click Add Supplier Type button
  • To add additional supplier types repeat the same process

How to view expenses

  • Click Modules
  • Click Expenses