Features & Releases

What is a release?

A release is where Workstars will roll out new features, improvements and bug fixes. Since it is SaaS (Software as a Service) all changes apply to all customers, there is no need to test or approve changes. Here are some of the changes that we regularly make:

  • improve the user experience (e.g. how a recognition is made or my account is laid out)
  • add new features that you can opt-in to using (some functionality may have to be enabled by your account manager)
  • remove functionality (customers using old functionality will continue to be supported for at least 6 months)

A release will only be scheduled once the code has passed both automated and physical testing by Workstars. Although these are very rigorous and extensive processes, we can’t guarantee 100% coverage and usability.

How do we choose what to implement

In every release we aim to implement highly requested features, but it is not the only determining factor. Other factors include:

  • Customers: We welcome feedback from our customers and their ideas and suggestions. Please feed any suggestions through your account manager or via the support portal.
  • Customer Support: Our support team provides clear insights into the issues that are challenging for customers, and which are generating the most calls to support.
  • Usage data: Are customers using the features we have developed?
  • Product strategy: Our long-term strategic vision for the product.

The Workstars Release Group (consists of product development, client services, sales and IT representatives) meet on a quarterly basis to review all ideas to determine what will go into the next release window.


Our system and deployment processes are designed for continuous integration (e.g. no downtime required) and occur throughout the day and while the system is in use.


For every release (except hotfixes) we:

  • send a version update email to all administrators
  • load a “Whats New” popup when you login (this links to the above site)

For major release we also:

Version numbers and what they mean

Version Numbers

Each release is given a version number depending on whether it’s a release or a bug fix. The version number is shown in the bottom right of the website and comprises of 3 numbers e.g. v26.1.7, the first part of the number (i.e. 26) represents the major version number, the second part (i.e. 1) represents the minor version and the third part (i.e. 7) represents the hotfix number.

What is a major release?

A major release represents a significant change (e.g. new features).

What is a minor release?

A minor release represents a smaller change (e.g. improvements).

What is a hotfix?

A hotfix is an urgent fix (e.g. bugs).